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Since we're often out in the field, away from modern comforts and conveniences such as internet, microwave ovens, or indoor plumbing, our shipping is handled by a third-party fulfillment company. We try to keep the final costs to you, our loyal customers, as low as possible so the shipping rates are typically the direct costs charged by the providers.


C'mon. We're a little outfit, just a group of inquisitive and dedicated explorers who are trying to unlock the mysteries of our fascinating world. We don't have staff or admins who are particularly good (or interested) in staring at spreadsheets and computer screens to manage your custom orders. So, if you're one of those incredibly supportive and appreciated people who would like to purchase some Philadelphia Chapter merchandise, please please please please order carefully and let's hope you're happy (or, preferably, ecstatic) with your treasured purchase. And you're ordering for keeps. 

That being said, if you really do have an issue that needs to be resolved, drop us a line through the Contact us page and we'll stop what we're doing (put the penguin down, leave the orca pod, descend the mountain ridge, whatever...) and do our best to make you happy. Or at least satisfied. Or whatever it takes to get us back into the wild. Thanks for understanding and doing your part to make the world a better explored place for all humanity. 

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